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20 Steps to Making the Most of Your YouTube Videos

If you have videos that you are trying to promote on YouTube, there are a variety of routes you can take to get the most views and shares. You can buy ads within other videos, advertise as a promoted video, … Continue reading

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Another Google Algorithm Update?!

Recently, we wrote a blog post about Google updating their algorithm more than ever. Since that post, Google introduced 2 updates. One was on April 17th 2012, which was really just an update to help them filter out park domains. … Continue reading

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Why Everyone Sees Different Search Results on Google

If it appears that you are getting different Google search results from your friends and colleagues, when signed into your Google account, or when you switch from your laptop to your desktop this is not a coincidence. For many years, … Continue reading

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A Record Year Underway for Google Algorithm Updates

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of Google algorithm updates and changes. Some more drastic than others. Some so drastic, high percentages of websites fall out of Google’s index. Some so small, only a few sites just slip a … Continue reading

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Resubmitting XML Sitemap (to GWT) After Fixing Crawl Errors

If you ever log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and notice that Google has experienced some crawl errors, it would be a good idea to fix them ASAP. When Google sends their spider bots to your website and finds … Continue reading

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