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10 Link Building Strategies that Still Work Today

After a thousand algorithm updates and refreshes, it’s starting to seem like that there aren’t any link building strategies that you can do without getting slapped by a black and white animal. Sure you can guest blog and get links … Continue reading

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10 Low Hanging Fixes (Fruits) for a Quick Boost in Rankings

Below are some quick fixes you can make to your website that will result in an instant increase in rankings. Please bare in mind, there are additional obvious fixes that you won’t find on this list (IE:Increase Page Speed, Get … Continue reading

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Google’s New Manual Actions Feature in GWT & Their Latest Attack on “Unnatural” Links

Last week, Google announced a new feature in Google Webmaster Tools where you can see if your website was manually penalized. This feature is called “Manual Actions”. To navigate to this section, sign into your GWT account and select your … Continue reading

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Google Round Up: Delete Local Listings, Identify Spammy Links & In-Depth Articles Added to SERPs

Google Added Delete Listing Feature to Google Local Google adds a new feature many businesses will appreciate. For a long time, if a listing was old, wrong or had any kinds of issues, the most we could do is suspend … Continue reading

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7 Reasons Why Niche Directories Can Still Benefit Your Search Efforts

Some may argue that niche directory submissions are not a legitimate strategy when it comes to link building. Some may even go as far to say they are useless because Google is actively working towards eliminating submission-based links from being … Continue reading

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2013 Ranking Factors Presentation from MozCon

SEOmoz just had its annual search engine optimization conference to discuss 2013 and future SEO. As always a few of the Moz posse came together to discuss SEO ranking factors and correlations. Here are a few images to display what … Continue reading

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10 Old School Ranking Factors that are Still Major Factors Today

Search engines change their algorithm and update their index on what seems like a monthly basis. Some updates are so big they affect 2% of all the search results (which is huge, considering the top 10 results of 10 million … Continue reading

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Distinguishing Between a Penalty & a No Longer Effective SEO Strategy

Over the past couple years, the term “penalty” has been used in the SEO industry quite frequently, and rightfully so. Google has clearly stated that there are certain penalties for unethical practices within the SEO industry. More Penalty Information; Google … Continue reading

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Local SEO Post Penguin 2.0 & Panda Dance Updates

Memorial Day weekend turned out to be a big weekend in the SEO world. We discovered that Google rolled out “Penguin 2.0″ along with solutions to fix issues caused by the update. Then Google decided to roll out 2 more … Continue reading

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20 Link Attributes Based on Google’s Reasonable Surfer Model

In my last post, I referenced Google’s Reasonable Surfer Model when discussing website submissions. For those of you that are not aware of Google’s link patent based on the reasonable surfer model you should look into it. The patent can … Continue reading

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