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Uyen Ochsner is an Account Manager at SEOhaus. If you would like to stay up-to-date on all of the latest SEO industry news and tips, you can subscribe to our blog here. Thanks for reading the SEOhaus blog!

10 Useful Websites That Aren’t All SEO Focused

I recently stumbled upon this BuzzFeed article that lists 33 of the coolest websites – some that would be relevant to SEO, web design, internet marketing, and some that I thought could be useful. Here are my favorites from the … Continue reading

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The Mobile Shift in Google’s Paid Search

An interesting article from arose in mid-March stating that Google is predicted to lose $1.4B in desktop paid searches. U.S. paid mobile search grew more than double – at a whopping 120.8% in 2013. In contrast, paid desktop search … Continue reading

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Using #Hashtags as a Networking Tool

Do you remember filling out your Myspace profile, with something like this? I recall most people would say they were there for: dating, friends, or serious relationships. Rarely, you would see someone put “networking.” Myspace kind of knew what was … Continue reading

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More Ways to Find Search Data with Bing Webmaster Tools

Ever look at search engine referrals, and notice that your traffic numbers are increasing on Bing? I know it sounds crazy, but people actually do use Bing. I’m sure you’ve had that moment where you tried to find a person, … Continue reading

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How Do You Know Keywords Are Still Related to Search Traffic?

So as you know from our blog post earlier in the week, rumor has it that Google is going to make an effort to change what we can see in our beloved Google Analytics. In Jori and Richie’s newest blog … Continue reading

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Respectable SEO Firms Should NOT Promise Search Engine Rankings

I’ve gotten so many questions on this topic lately that I wanted to address the situation that SEO companies out there are claiming “guaranteed rankings.” Any respectable SEO company knows that you can’t determine the future and what Google will … Continue reading

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What is a Directory Submission and Why Does it Matter?

I’m sure you have heard us use the term “Directory Submissions” when referring to link building strategies. Ever wonder what this means, exactly? Well, there are quite a few different types of directory submissions – such as business directories, and … Continue reading

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“I don’t know – Let’s Bing it….?”

Have you ever questioned who the search engine giant is? Is it Google, Bing or is it Yahoo? It should be obvious, but Yahoo was once the biggest name in the world of search. Comscore released some info earlier this … Continue reading

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Deep Links – Understanding the most important type of Link Building

In our last post, we spoke about link building strategies. There are many types of links, and deep links are considered the most important type of link building for a successful campaign. Deep linking is making a hyperlink and pointing … Continue reading

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