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#TheDress, Wait! Keep Reading, We’re Talking Fads

So I know what you’re thinking, #TheDress came and went -what more can be said?  Well, there is plenty to learn about the trends of online content, so here goes. The Dress was perfect click bait for brands and news … Continue reading

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Single vs. Multiple Word Queries

As Google has evolved to better understand who its users are and what they want, SEO companies are continually pushed to reevaluate their onsite optimization strategies. With the search giant zeroing in on perfecting the “answer engine,” keyword strategy is … Continue reading

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Mobilizing Your Internet Marketing

When I lived in Kenya during the summer of 2007, one thing that struck me was the amount of people using cell phones for computing tasks. At a time when smart phones were just catching on (the first iPhone was … Continue reading

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This Week in Google: Manual Actions for Spammy Rich Snippets and No-follow Google+ Links

Well, technically it’s only Wednesday so who knows what the rest of the week could hold but so far we’ve seen a couple of new changes from Google. Both have some interesting implications for SEO and already the world of … Continue reading

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HTML Improvements with Google Webmaster Tools

It’s no secret that Google Webmaster Tools is something that SEO firms talk about A LOT. And it’s for good reason–GWT offers invaluable insight into the performance of your website, allowing you to assess and fix crawl errors, investigate backlinks … Continue reading

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Google Webmaster Tools: Exact Search Query Data Revealed for 2014

Yesterday morning, Google announced a new update to Google Webmaster Tools, which allows users to access the exact numbers to their websites’ search query data. The new update, which was activated at the end of December, will continue to roll … Continue reading

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SEO through 2013 – Q. What’s New? A. Everything!

2013 was a turbulent year in the world of search to put it mildly. According to Moz’s tally there have been 13 officially acknowledged updates to Google’s algorithms alone and who knows how many more that have happened behind Google’s … Continue reading

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More Ways to Find Search Data with Bing Webmaster Tools

Ever look at search engine referrals, and notice that your traffic numbers are increasing on Bing? I know it sounds crazy, but people actually do use Bing. I’m sure you’ve had that moment where you tried to find a person, … Continue reading

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Track Smartphone Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Google recently announced that there is a new filter within the crawl errors section of Google Webmaster Tools which allows users to track smartphone crawl errors. Many webmasters out there can already attest to the value of the crawl errors … Continue reading

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Why Your Coding May Be Killing Your SEO

CMS or Content Management Systems have come to rule the roost when it comes to modern web-design. With websites considered a must for any business and one-person companies flourishing online the number of people looking to build sites for themselves … Continue reading

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