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April’s Mobile Algorithm Update Exposed

As the New Year brings new technology, this next generation of technology shapes the way users interact with the world. Google is no stranger to tailoring their products to serve a good user experience (UX), and reward those that keep … Continue reading

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Why Mobile is Mandatory in 2015

Did you know that in a recent Google survey, it was found that 72 percent of mobile users say it is important to them that websites are mobile-friendly? And that of those 72 percent, a whopping 79% will return to … Continue reading

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Mobilizing Your Internet Marketing

When I lived in Kenya during the summer of 2007, one thing that struck me was the amount of people using cell phones for computing tasks. At a time when smart phones were just catching on (the first iPhone was … Continue reading

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The Mobile Shift in Google’s Paid Search

An interesting article from arose in mid-March stating that Google is predicted to lose $1.4B in desktop paid searches. U.S. paid mobile search grew more than double – at a whopping 120.8% in 2013. In contrast, paid desktop search … Continue reading

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Track Smartphone Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Google recently announced that there is a new filter within the crawl errors section of Google Webmaster Tools which allows users to track smartphone crawl errors. Many webmasters out there can already attest to the value of the crawl errors … Continue reading

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Does Page Speed Matter?

The Google Developer’s Tool PageSpeed Insights got an update yesterday, now welcoming users with the message “Make your web pages fast on all devices”. Webmasters (and white hat SEO companies… I’ll talk about this more in a sec) can now … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Marketing for the Small Business

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll have thought about advertising at some point. When it comes to marketing ideas for your small business, you may be forced to think outside of the box.  Not having a multi-million dollar budget … Continue reading

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Enhanced Campaigns – Changes to Google Adwords

The search world was stunned recently when Google announced a major shift in it’s advertising mechanism for how the Adwords platform runs. Just kidding.  Stunned is probably a rushed word, but it did give indication as to where Google sees … Continue reading

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What’s That? SEO Chat — Mobile Compatibility

Jason and Richie from SEOhaus speak a bit about a new site feature worth exploring: Mobile Compatibility. For more information on SEO, or to see what SEOhaus can do for you, visit us at

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Making the Most of Your SEO with Responsive Design

Responsive design. Put it on the list of big things on the SEO horizon you should pay attention to. Like Google +, responsive design is getting a lot of buzz in the internet marketing world but still remains a little … Continue reading

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