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5 Changes to SERPs via Google’s Knowledge Graph in 2014

Throughout 2014, there have been several changes in the world of SEO — from the always looming algorithm updates that massively affect the way search engine results rank and display, to adjustments to the more dynamic and intelligent features of … Continue reading

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Ratings vs. Rankings

For some time now, we have been noticing the overwhelming correlation with online reviews on websites such as Yelp and Google+, and keyword rankings. Businesses that have acquired low ratings and reviews are having trouble ranking in the top positions … Continue reading

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The Newest Tweaks to Google’s Search Algorithm and SEO

In mid-November, Google announced ten changes to its search algorithm, affecting a wide array of results from those written in foreign languages to results having to do with specific dates or places. On average the Internet monster makes about 500 … Continue reading

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Google Instant And SEO

About three weeks ago Google launched a new product in their long line of successful applications called Google Instant.  This application predicts users search queries and delivers the results while they are typing in real time. Users then have the … Continue reading

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What does everyone think of Google Instant?

Since the release of Google Instant in the beginning of September I have been feeling a lil crabby… a lil unnnerved… a lil testy. And although not completely unfamiliar feelings to me I thought I’d better see if I was the … Continue reading

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Yahoo and Bing – Unite!

With the much anticipated Yahoo and Bing merge finally underway, we are still left to question how the two search engines will differ, if at all, with regards to their organic search results.  In mid-September we really began to feel … Continue reading

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Five Sure Fire Website Traffic Increasing Steps

One of the most common needs of site owners is traffic. Without traffic a website barely exists, and we shouldn’t even talk about profit. We will try to see here the most important steps to attract targeted traffic. Beginners in … Continue reading

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