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Tracking Trends to Transform Your Content: Three Great Free Tools to To Capitalize on Trends in Content!

Whenever an interesting headline takes the Web by storm, a new breakthrough product, service, or event breaks through to the media, or when viral-bait posts start to loom large on social profiles around the Web, we see them everywhere. From … Continue reading

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Leaving SERP City

Google Rolls Out Increased Entity Search in 2014 It’s not news that things have come along way since the typical search engine results page (SERP) displayed ten simple blue links for a given search query. From maps to products, from … Continue reading

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This Week in Google: Manual Actions for Spammy Rich Snippets and No-follow Google+ Links

Well, technically it’s only Wednesday so who knows what the rest of the week could hold but so far we’ve seen a couple of new changes from Google. Both have some interesting implications for SEO and already the world of … Continue reading

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Predictions for Google in 2014

Suffice to say, this has been a wild year for SEO. Google unveiled no less than 13 official algorithm updates. I think we can all assume that Google will take it easy in 2014 with minimal changes to give everyone … Continue reading

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Why Your Coding May Be Killing Your SEO

CMS or Content Management Systems have come to rule the roost when it comes to modern web-design. With websites considered a must for any business and one-person companies flourishing online the number of people looking to build sites for themselves … Continue reading

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Hello, Operator: Our Favorite Google Search Operators

As Google constantly works to make searches more user-friendly, the information it uses to satisfy a search query continues to expand. From syntactic clues that include synonymy and linguistic patterns, to using implicit information to bolster a search query such … Continue reading

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Google’s Matt Cutts: Redirecting Users by Location is Not Spam

In a recent video, Matt Cutts stated that geo-location or redirecting users based on location is not considered spam. However, cloaking and showing Googlebot content that is not visible to users is considered spam. Geo-location is when a website uses … Continue reading

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Google’s Algorithm Takes Flight with “Hummingbird”

There’s a new buzz (or should I say hmm) in the search engine world. On the eve of its 15th birthday, Google announced its newest addition to their algorithm family: Hummingbird. Unlike Panda and Penguin which were updates of the … Continue reading

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SEO: More Vital Now than Ever

Whelp, here we go again. With Google encrypting more search data, more keywords are being reported as “not provided” in Analytics. Cue the familiar chant of “SEO is dead!” from bloggers across the internet. Sound familiar? If it does, it’s … Continue reading

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Google Update or Google Dance?

There has been some talk around the web on sites like SEO Roundtable, Google Webmaster Help and Webmasterworld that Google rolled out another update this past weekend. As Google’s Matt Cutts has mentioned, Panda updates are still occurring monthly, over … Continue reading

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