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Major Manual Actions: Big Sites That Have Been Hit with Google Penalties

In the past year, Google has made an almost accelerated effort to refine their quality guidelines and link schemes; from Penguin 2.1 to Hummingbird, and everything in between, there are several practices within the search community that have made the … Continue reading

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6 Steps To Choosing An SEO Agency

Congrats! You have a website – or maybe you aren’t even that far yet – but how in the world wide web are you supposed to get any search traffic and generate conversions? With over 60 trillion pages online, showing … Continue reading

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Using #Hashtags as a Networking Tool

Do you remember filling out your Myspace profile, with something like this? I recall most people would say they were there for: dating, friends, or serious relationships. Rarely, you would see someone put “networking.” Myspace kind of knew what was … Continue reading

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Search Gets Social

The tech world is abuzz this week as social media and search engine’s continue to collide with the official release of Jelly. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and partner Ben Finkel recently launched the app with the intentions of not reinventing … Continue reading

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2014 SEO Goals – On Site

With the holiday season of 2013 quickly coming to a close, we are now entering the period where reflection of the past year meets what you want to change in the new. While I am not a big fan of … Continue reading

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How Images Can Help Your SEO Campaign

There are many ways to increase traffic and generate page one rankings for your SEO campaign. If you are a photographer, or sell a lot of things with images as well as content, image optimization is a great way to help … Continue reading

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Goals – What Every Search Engine Optimization Company Needs To Know.

When we think about goals, from the perspective of a search engine optimization company, what comes to mind? Page one search results? Increased traffic? Reduced bounce rate? All of these are worthy goals to be sure, and are probably the … Continue reading

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Don’t Track Me Bro! New Bill Puts the Heat on Online Advertising Networks

We may be seeing more transparency with online advertising networks soon as California Governor Jerry Brown has just signed into law a bill that requires companies to disclose whether or not they abide by Do Not Track provisions. The new … Continue reading

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Hello, Operator: Our Favorite Google Search Operators

As Google constantly works to make searches more user-friendly, the information it uses to satisfy a search query continues to expand. From syntactic clues that include synonymy and linguistic patterns, to using implicit information to bolster a search query such … Continue reading

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Improve your SEO campaign – Keywords

No one who has ever worked with me professionally will be surprised to see this on my list. I can go on and on… and on, and on about the importance of keyword research. And there is good reason for … Continue reading

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