Creating a Strong Profile – AKA – Your Profile on ‘Roids

Social Networks and Business Directories can be very beneficial to your website if you take the time to give your profile that “extra something” that other businesses may take for granted. You want to include as much relevant information as possible to create a profile that is part of the site’s internal linking.

There a few things you can do to make sure you get the most out of your profiles. Your username, title, description and profile tags should always focus on your targeted keywords. The title should be your most important keyword and the name of your brand (Example: Designer Sunglasses San Diego – Ray Ban). It is also helpful to use the same avatar for all of your profiles. This will help with branding and making your business more recognizable. A picture that includes the company’s name is your best bet.

“What’s next?” you ask……INTERLINKING, interlinking and more interlinking! Lucky for you there are a lot of ways to interlink. First, be sure to link all of your profiles to each other. Your Facebook to your Twitter to your Yelp to your Linked In to your etc…etc…etc… Most of these sites have easy to follow directions to help set this up. Just a couple of clicks and you are linked! You can also interlink by commenting on profiles, pictures and submissions, writing reviews and commenting on threads in another site’s forum.

These are easy, fast and inexpensive ways to help give your website and keyword rankings that certain je ne sais quoi….  So take the little bit of time to enhance your profiles with an extra boost and in return they will PUMP YOU UP!…or your website at least. J

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