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You only pay more when we deliver results, an additional fee per approved keyword that we rank on the first page of Google.com. This program removes the upfront monthly costs you could be spending on a campaign. 
SEOhaus offers best-of-practice SEO techniques to improve your website and make it healthier. The pricing model fits most marketing budgets and you only pay extra when you receive first page Search Engine (SE)

This type of campaign is our most popular choice because it is low risk with a high payout. SEOhaus feels confident we can deliver first page SE rankings and only charges a minimal fee to cover the cost of the SEO campaign including links, directories, and press release. We believe in our product and it has become the fastest growing SEO model.

Get started today! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Only pay when you get on the first page of search engines.  Contact us today!
Things to know:

- A month contract commitment fee to secure our services and to start work.
- We supply the keyword research, you choose the keywords.  We let you decide   what keywords are important for your business.
- A small fee per keyword, per month, when we place on first page of Google.com.   
- Every two week updates with rankings reports and technical support.

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