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Ways to Build Links Yourself

Ask friends for links. Even if they have random sites about random topics, they can still pass PageRank, anchor text weight, and they prove to Google that you are a real person with real friends (other webmasters) or accepted in local community.

Are there any industry associations or memberships you are apart of? Do they have a website listing members and member sites?

Do you have any friends in the same niche/industry that may be willing to give your website a link?

Do you own any other websites, blogs, online profiles, etc. that you can possibly add a link to?

Do you know of any links you can change, or of any links obtained in the past that you can make sure has the best anchor text for your target keyword? Are there any links pointing to your site just saying your website name? Is it possible to get back in touch with webmasters or to resubmit new content?

Do your product manufacturers and suppliers have websites? Maybe you can get listed or offer a testimonial in exchange for links.

Do you know any university students or professors that have an .edu page where they can provide you with a link? Most students and professors do. You just have to ask. A link from a .edu domain can count as 10’s to 100’s of regular .com links. These are also the hardest links to obtain.

If you can create a video, we can distribute it for additional backlinks.

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