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Website Marketing Case Studies

Conversion Optimization & Diagnosis

1. The first thing you must do is to identify your website’s target goal(s). What is the end action you want your visitors to perform?  Is it a phone call, a form filled, or a product purchased?

2. Next, identify how easy it is for your visitors to achieve this goal. Do users have to jump through hoops to achieve your goal, or is it click, click done/converted?

3. Is it big and obvious right when you land on site that it’d be easy to achieve your site goal? Some say you only have 4 seconds to capture the user. Do you users really know what to do?

4. Does the content support your goal? Does the content make it clear what you offer? Are you using call to actions? Would you convert if you read your content? Try comparing your content to the websites ranking #1 & 2.

5. Is it very clear for your visitors what to do next? If your visitors were stupid, do they know what to do? Are you commanding or escorting the users to your goals? Are you making them feel comfortable or eager to move through the steps to convert?

6. Is the route from typing in your target keyword, to the landing page, to conversion goal easy to follow? Links, buttons, arrows, etc.

7.  Is it possible to convert from anywhere on the site, no matter which page or part of the site you are on, top or bottom? Is your goal readily accessible to users the second they are ready to buy?

8. Make sure the contact information is easy to find ALWAYS!

9. Verification badges? BBB, HTML Validation, Safe Shopper. Are there any buttons, associations, memberships or verifications to support that your website is legit and worth the conversion?

10. Is it possible to click through to the goal without even scrolling down of spending more than 5 seconds on your website?

11. Pretend you are a visitors looking for one specific product you offer. Would your client be able to navigate to that specific product via the homepage without getting frustrated and bouncing? Are categories or site sections clear to the user?

12. Did you look at the websites ranking in top positions on Google or paying for the top spots in Google’s paid advertisement? Chances are they are doing something effective enough to have a performance rate acceptable for Google to trust. Are they doing anything that makes you feel, that’s a good idea?

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