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Television and Movies
SEOhaus specializes in marketing the websites of television and movies. We collaborate with major studios to promote TV premiers, movie releases, and DVDs. Clients include Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, and Viacom. Some titles include:

Gossip Girl
Nip Tuck
American Teen Supplies
Pushing Daisies

Video Games
The video game industry is comprised of the development, marketing, and sale of video games. In 2007, the US video game industry earned $10 Billion USD (ESA Report). Whether you are a development company looking to get noticed or an ecommerce website that sells or rents video games, organic search engine optimization helps spread the word about your online business.

An online music store is an Internet business that sells audio files, usually music, on a per-song or subscription basis. This industry started in 2000 with Napster and is nearing a decade of fast-paced growth. While the market leader has changed since it started, there is a room for competition today with the right kind of marketing. In order to fight Goliath, you have to advertise strategically. SEOhaus helps with smarter search engine marketing and helping clients beat competition with best-of-practice SEO services.

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